As summer is around the corner, everyone is looking to update their wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends. For those of you who are clueless about what to get this summer, worry no more! We’ve got you covered with a list of the top fashion trends of 2018.



Ruffle here, frill there, ruffles and frill everywhere.

summer 2018 fashion trend ruffles

    Frilled or ruffled sleeves, necklines, and even borders are dominating the market. Anything frilled will up your dress game by a huge amount.

     According to accessoriesmagazine.com fashion is having a feminine moment this summer, with ruffles appearing not just on ready-to-wear, but handbags and even “ruffled” floral jewelry.

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    2018 is the year of the bird, at least where designers are concerned.

    Whether it’s your hat, your dress or your shoes, adding feathers always accentuates the look of the item. Feathers add a light, breezy effect that looks ideal in the summer.

     summer 2018 fashion trends feathers


    Vogue Paris say this trend is an ethereal breath of fresh air through a cloud of couture feathers: the common denominator at Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler and Nina Ricci. Tinted exclusively in mineral tones, the whole effect was of soft and gentle grace. 

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    Pastel colors

    The trend that NEVER EVER dies 

    Pastal colors

    The pastel hues never goes out of fashion. Light pastel colors bring out the summer look perfectly. Pastel shades of blue, green, and pink have rocked the ramp. We see delicate shades, quieted tints which are mild and cool. It feels like pastel tints accompany that exceptional guiltless and soft nature.



     Bell Bottoms

    Doing for 99' and 2000's


    As if bell sleeves weren’t enough, bell bottoms too have shown their superiority over the plain ones. Top them up with heels and they’ll look even classier!

    Harpers Bazaar believes, a slew of stylish A-listers are swapping out their skinny jeans for the vintage style. From Kaia Gerber's subtle take on the trend to Victoria Beckham's loose-fitting rendition and Kate Moss's exaggerated ankle grazers, there is no single way to wear this trend.


    Kym Ellery’s Australian-born designer recently moved her business from Down Under to Paris. Her signature bell-bottoms came in black leather, patent black and caramel, lime green and icy blue. 

    Bell Bottom trend 2018

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    For spring? Groundbreaking
    Dolce & Gabbana Marc Jacob Summer 2018 Spring Trend Floral

    Of course, these were expected! Spring and Summer season is incomplete without these beautiful and delicate designs.

    Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway wearing hallucinogenic flower dresses and  headscarves.  Dolce & Gabbana‘s dolce vita tasteful saw roses on dim backgrounds joined with twirling geometric prints. Obviously, Gucci was not to be let alone for the return trend. Retro florals were blended with Alessandro Michele's unpredictable, maximalist concoction. Florals are tied in with having fun with fashion and grasping the delight and sentiment of spring

     Floral Flower Trend 2018 Spring Summer Theuniiquecollection


    life in plastic is fantastic

    maison margiela ss 18 gucci chanel summer 2018 spring


    What? Yes! Plastic clothes. Could we live in a more 21st-century world? This trend probably stemmed from the fact that the summer brings with it rainfall. Guess we’ll never know, but plastic is in! So, flaunt that bright plastic skirt the next time you go out!

    A standout amongst the most surprising patterns to advance from the runway to our closets; plastic is having a genuine high-fashion moment for Spring/Summer 2018.

     Chanel underscored the pattern's common sense by sending its models down a runway set that included six cascades. Their straightforward hooded capes, caps, and even trademark toecap boots all got the plastic treatment.

    Chanel Water Fall Show

    While plastic still manages to look futuristic in every new iteration Maison Margiela took it to the next level as always with these outstanding plastic looks.

     Plastic Fashion Trend 2018

    We hope this helped you in making your wardrobe choices for the summer! Some of these trends may extend into the winter as well. Stay tuned for more fashion updates!

     fashion forecast trends summer 2018


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