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 Dirty French

Dirty French

Located in the Lower East side of Manhattan ,close to the Williamsburg bridge. When you arrive , and that is before the server even takes your order. You are complimented with a house-made warm flatbread finish off with rosemary and olive oil , alongside fromage blanc cheese.

 Fromage blanc

Fromage blanc is a dairy cow’s base kind of cheese that comprise three different sorts of cheeses , which is Chef Diver’s best mystery. Despite the fact that it’s a high scale restaurant you will be surprise to see that every server is required as a uniform to wear jordons kicks.


This environment is a touch of upscale and laid back. Chef Diver motivation was to transform classical french dishes into a modern dishes. Mainstream pork dish that gets sold out on the menu called “Le Creole”. If you are a fan of pig, this is the dish for you. The meat is cured with New Orleans creole species and has a BBQ moderate feel.

Dirty French people

rosemary and olive oil

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