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What is the true meaning of Halal?                                                                           

Halal cooking is cooking without the utilization of "haram", or impermissible, fixings as indicated by Islamic dietary rules. That implies declining the utilization of liquor and pork or from things which contain pork or have the same side effects as consuming liquor. There are other impermissible fixings, for example, blood and predatory animals with teeth, yet since they aren't generally eaten in this part of the world, they are once in a while said in exchange encompassing halal cooking.


New York City is loaded with food trucks and street cart vendors, however, even visitors have known about the highly acclaimed hotspot Halal Guys sustenance truck at 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue. The  Halal Guys have a customer  facing facade, are being included all through New York (counting fourteenth

A similar business that began 25 years back has currently gone, with in excess of 200 eateries everywhere throughout the world in advance. Not long ago, it extended broadly by opening new areas, as Bethesda, Maryland. (The restaurant is located, at 891A Rockville Pike) The Halal Guys are likewise taking a gander at downtown Baltimore, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County grounds and the Shady Grove zone and somewhere else in Montgomery County as conceivable destinations for its restaurants.

They have a framework halal dish — then another worker includes chicken, gyro, falafel, or a blend of all

The Halal Guys serve "American halal" platters and sandwiches, arranged to utilize fixings, for example, chicken, gyro meat, falafel, and rice. The taste has been portrayed as involving an intricate mixture of flavors beginning from the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

The cooks use no oil to cook the meat, and the rice utilizes little of it. It's all about the sauce. The most famous sauce is the secret "white sauce."....similar topping is found at all or most other halal trucks in New York City, yet the formula likely regularly fluctuates from truck to cart. A "removed cousin of tzatziki", the Halal Guys' white sauce has been the subject of different diversions in light of fixings on to-go parcels, yet to no avail. The Halal Guys are also known for their spicy hot sauce.

The establishment is most perceived by its essential dish which is a platter of chicken or gyro meat with rice, though it additionally serves a chicken or gyro wrap sandwich.


Die-hard fan famous quote is"I left my heart in New York City with The Halal Guys!"


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