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This year 2017, Red could be said to be the certified color for the fall season in women fashion on the runway. Although, generally the fall fashion trends for women in this season is highly exceptional. From designers like Yeezy to Marc Jacobs, Celine, Michael Kors and many others, this year’s fashion trend is one which is most likely unbeatable compared to past falls.

It is important to look out for the following fashion trends this fall for women as listed below;

You can add this popping color to you wardrobe by adding these fashionable pieces below
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theuniiquecollection redLATEST FASHION TRENDS IN FALL FOR 2017red rib knit uniique



Fur The Uniique Collection

In the previous fall season, the statement fur had one great trend as it could be seen on every celebrity and non-celebrities with a taste of fashion. This fall, we are dating back to back in the days and focusing on classic superb furs. These vintage inspired furs have no trimmings as they are just pure furs. These Classical Superb Furs are featured by some of the top designers such as J.W. Anderson, Coach 1941, Vetements, Loewe and Dries Van Noten amongst others.



GLITERATTI BOOTS: We Love Shiney things STILL! 

This year’s fall features the sparkling shine in these set of new boots trend. These glittering boots are featured by top designers such as Chanel, Saint Lauren, J Crew and more. Superstar Rihanna happen to have been seen in the Saint Laurent designed glittery boots are gives you the fell of stardom if you happen to get one on this pair. The Chanel’s space glittery boots is one which would capture your heart and probably cease your breath as it is one piece of beauty. This collection of boots is certainly to die for and should be considered a must have for those with a great taste of fashion and of course lots of cash.

You can add this popping color to you wardrobe by adding these fashionable pieces below
The Uniique Collection gives runway looks for less !


MID LENGTH SKIRTS: We are trying to be classy ladies now..

Mid Valentino Loewe skirts

This is a piece featured by top designers like Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Carolina Herrera and many more others. This fall, the mid length skirt has a stitched at the calf which gives it a flowing touch of style for easy movements.


The Uniique Collection gives runway looks for less !



We love buttons this season 

Rosie Assouline

This lace made outfit stands out with the concept of the use of buttons to adorn this fall wear. This is a design which adorns lace up skirts and pants with buttons on either side. Designers such as Sies Marian, Jonathan Simkhai, Adeam, Christopher Kane and many others have taken this part of styling this fall season. You probably should own one of this. But you already know where to find similar affordable piece




omg it's back again! 

Like I said at the beginning of this article, this fall season is all about going back in time to the Vintage age of Style and Class. This fall season features a major comeback of the wide waist belts. There are quite a couple of designer options to pick from Monse, Adam Selman, collections from Brock amongst other designers.




It's Velvet! Don't Touch

Quite a lot of stylists and originators in the fashion world still have a thing for velvet but this fall season features designers making official velvet wears for jewel-tone. This is a suggested option if you have an invite to a fall season wedding.


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