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If you've logged into your Instagram account a numerous amount of times but keep getting this error code below:

You my friend have been SHADOWBANNED by Instagram !!!!


According to later.com your engagement will drop drastically, follower count decline, and photos not showing up in hashtags. 

The general consensus is that shadowbanning is Instagram’s attempt to prevent content which is against their terms of service and encourage users to play by the rules, namely posting engaging, relevant and interesting content that receives genuine engagement from the community.

The Way I Found Out I was Shadow Banned....

1.)Logging into my account after a days rest only to see this...

"sorry there was a problem with your request" 

2.)Excuse me?!....

I am always logged into my business account so that was my first clue. After several attempts to follow the I forgot password options.

All of the sudden my user name and email cant be found. 

3.) Luckily my other accounts were still okay (so I thought), logged out of my 3 accounts and attempted to re-log in... BIG MISTAKE !!! 

4.) Deleted the app. still no luck with logging into now all 3 of my accounts.

5.) I contacted the good people at Instagram for an explanation. 
my Business account got this email....


 I wanted to cry! I have worked so hard gaining genuine followers. With the little followers I have and I was finally starting get more likes, tags and comments on my page. Small Business owners know how hard this is. 

Sad thing is they secretly shadow banned you — and you wouldn’t even know it. Something as innocent as using the same hashtag repeatedly could hide all of your Instagram posts from people who aren’t following you!

Emailing Instagram support doesn't help. You're basically out of luck if they ban or disable you, even if you were clearly hacked. 

 6.) I tried my other counts and was told send a picture with my user name on it. 


I did exactly what they requested was told I was all set to log into the IG app..WRONG.. still couldn't recognize me.


Why Does Shadow Banding Happened ?

I had no clue why my Business account and personal account login both having log in issues, I did some research and here is what I found:

Certain “non-spammy” behaviors have also been lumped-in as a way to get shadowbanned, such as using the same hashtags over and over again. In fact, on February 1st, Instagram released the following statement:

 Another clue I was banned/disabled was when I use my hashtags account nothing would pop up! **Only today 3.1.18 one of my hashtags popped up.. I have 150 and it later disappeared**



So basically  I am out of luck until IG let me back in to my business account. Once they have blocked your phone from logging in you wont be able to log into the app AT ALL.  Yes,  the app totally blocks you all together. With little to no explanation of ideas of what to expect.  


How NOT to get Instagram evil shadowban:

1. DON'T Using bots to like, comment, and boost engagement

2. DON'T use banned or broken hashtags on your posts

3. DON'T Over hashtags

4. DON'T get reported!

5. Avoid third party apps that don’t abide by Instagram’s terms of service, such as apps which post photos to your account directly (rather than scheduling and then notifying you to complete the posting process)


How to Check if you are Banned



 -Simply type in your Instagram name and press the get tested button.

-Make sure your page is not private or the site wont be able to determine if your are banned or not. 

-If the site cannot find your page you've most likely been disable. Sorry to say Instagram may not grant you access to your page ever again.


it’s unclear how accurate the tool is. It works by searching the list of hashtags you use in your posts, and then checking if your posts shows up in the hashtag’s feed. But be careful! If you have to login with your Instagram account, it could be a phishing scam. The tool above lets you search without having to login with your credentials.

How to Fix It

  1. Clear your search history on Instagram
  2. Log out of your account and log back in
  3. Do not use hashtags for 3 days
  4. Switch back from a Business Account to a Personal Account
  5. Pray the Instagram God have mercy on your soul (JK )
  6. Report to Instagram until you get a response:Instagram does have an official support email (support@instagram.com), but it’s a much better idea to use the native “Report a Problem” option within the Instagram app. To do this, simply navigate to your Instagram profile and select the “cog” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and select “Report a Problem.” A pop-up should appear with a few options. Select “Something Isn’t Working,” and write a short message that clearly describes the issue.


This I honestly hope this blog helped you. At least know why you cannot log in.  I was clueless. If wasn't for the very few blogs like alextooby.com, later.com and katelovesmakeup.com. I wound not have even know what was going on with my Instagram account. (links below) Will update if my accounts ever go back to normal.


**Update: My hashtag pictures popped up but non from my business page which is still disabled. My other accounts, I am able to log in through someone else's phone and the internet 3.27.18** click here to for updates on if my page was recovered             #TheUniiqueCollectionHashtagUpdate !














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